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I'm in the process of becoming a registered dietitian. A "nutritionista," if you will! I graduated in May '14 with a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics. I am currently completing my Master of Arts in Multidisciplinary Health Communication Studies along with my dietetic internship in St. Louis, Missouri. I have always had a love of writing, and now dietetics has become the push behind it. These two passions have manifested into what is now "The Wholey Trinity!" Cue angels singing.

I am as spirited and passionate as I am blonde (yes, it is 100% au natural!) I believe a little kindness can go a long way and the best way to relax is with a hot cup of tea. I believe God's plan is always more amazing, more awe-inspiring, than anything we could ever plan for ourselves. Running is one of my therapies, even on those days I have to force myself to lace up my tennies. I am a pole fitness enthusiast and believe life is too short not to laugh every day!

My philosophy is simple; humans are not made in a laboratory and neither should what we put into our bodies.

I believe in and will always be an evangelist for holistic health. This means when it comes to health, you look at the mind, the body, and the spirit (The Wholey Trinity.) They all work in tandem and not one without the other.

In 2014, I discovered I have a gluten intolerance. After entering college, I began experiencing serious tummy troubles (think, tiny shards of glass moving through your intestines.. on a daily basis) and, honestly, just never felt 100%. I made the decision to remove gluten from my diet and within a week my health took made such a turn for the better!

I have been running better than ever, my stomach pains have vanished, and I have so much more energy! One day I may look into getting tested for Celiac, but for now I am just excited to feel like a normal person again! Due to my nutrition education and personal experience dealing with a gluten intolerance, I hope I can help others who are going through the same issues. Subscribe to the blog so you never miss a Gluten-Free Feature Friday post!

My hope is that you, as the reader, can walk away from this blog feeling a little more inspired, a little more awoken, a little more wholey! So grab a mug of something hot and stay a while, because the heart-to-heart has just begun!

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  1. Ahhh so crazy how freakin' similar we are! (we even kind of look a little alike haha) So glad to connect with you! Good luck with your internship...i didn't get matched the first time :( Waiting to hear back this April! But I'm just happy to have a wonderful job!

    1. I know!! So crazy!! :-D I actually did not get matched either. I am in an ISPP program, which you can only apply to if you are NOT matched. So I know how it feels. I was so disappointed because I worked FOREVER on that application! I was fortunate enough to get into this program, and honestly it is better than I could have ever imaged!! So even though I was heartbroken for not getting matched because my #1 was my DREAM internship, this program is a million times better for me! So don't feel discouraged because you WILL end up where you are meant to be! And your job will give you great experience and insight! :) Glad we were able to connect through the powers of the blogosphere!

  2. This is no joke my life right now. I am currently in college and have struggled with stomach problems ALL THE TIME! I cut out dairy thinking I was lactose-intolerant, and that didn't help. My doctor thought I had stomach acid problems, and the medicine they gave me did nothing. I finally saw my doctor and told them I need to be tested for a gluten intolerance. So excited to read your blog!!

    1. Wow! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond!! :-P Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. I'm sorry you had a chaotic time figuring out what was going on. When it comes to tummy troubles, sometimes its a long (and frustrating) ride to pin point exactly what's up. But I hope you have been able to find relief!! Thanks again for reading and for sharing a comment!!

  3. This is me right now! I am a freshman in college and I have been experiencing the same problems you have. Earlier this week I got tested and what do you know- a gluten intolerance! It's going to take some time to adjust but I'm happy I found this blog!! Thank you!!

    1. Hi Sera,
      Thanks for stopping by the blog! I so hope that you find my posts helpful! I post GF recipes every now and again. I also have a lot of great resources on my GF pinterest board, so be sure to check that out!! Hope you have a happy tummy again in no time!!

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  5. Hi, Hannah! I just found ur site 4 the very 1st time. Thank you for this resource! I am wondering, if once a person has been living GF, and has made the lifestyle changes that are consistent with your recommendations, so that the poor gut has an opportunity to heal, is it possible for a gut that has suffered from gluten-intolerance/caeliac sprue to eventually be capable of digesting everything that it once did prior to developing the condition?

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your story!! I am currently in the process of finding out what’s causing all of my stomach issues. I was wondering, how do you manage going out to eat? I have such a hard time finding food at restaurants which stresses me out, and makes my stomach hurt just from the worrying. Any advice would be much appreciated!