Tuesday, February 2, 2016

9 Epic Health Apps You Need In Your Life

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We are just over a month into 2016. How are those New Year resolutions treatin' ya?!

A new month is a perfect time to kick things up a notch (or jump back on if life kicked you off...) Sometimes, this means bringing in some reinforcements!

Lucky for you, your secret weapon to kicking some serious health butt is right in your own pocket (or hand!) Here are the 9 best free health apps you NEED in your life. NOW!

1. HeadSpace
People are beginning to realize (finally!) that our high pace society is wrecking havoc on our health. Anxiety. Stress. Mental Breakdowns. All too familiar for many of us. With adult coloring books and #yogaeverydamnday all the rage, we are trying to bring a little peace and relaxation to our day to day activities. One of the best ways to help with our stress? Guided meditation. Headspace offers 10 minute guided meditation sessions (with the help of Andy Puddicombe's oh-so-soothing British accent) to teach you proper methods of stress reduction. After completing the Take10 course, you have the option of buying a subscription that includes courses on self-love, confidence building, relationship strengthening, and more!

2. Charity Miles
Many of us are clocking in miles running or biking on a daily basis. So why not let those miles benefit more than just our health? Charity Miles lets every one of those workout sessions become an act of philanthropy! Open the app, select one of the numerous nonprofit organizations (like American Diabetes Association, Girls on the Run, Feeding America, and World Wildlife Fund just to name a few), and take to the pavement! The app tracks the miles you do and donates funds based of those miles to the charity you've selected. Think it's just another run? Think again! This is one to add to your must-have running essentials.

3. My Fitness Pal
This app is a bit of an oldie, but it's a goodie! One of the most fool-proof ways to lose weight or improve your diet is by tracking what you eat! My Fitness Pal makes it that much simpler with their huge food database and the apps ability to calculate your calories and nutrient intake.You can even store a recipe database if you are someone who loves being in the kitchen.

4. Grocery IQ
Another essential way to get on track to healthier eating is by planning your meals and making a grocery list. Grocery IQ is the ultimate shopping list app because it not only puts your list in order by aisle (meats, dairy, ect.), but it also shows you coupons for the items on your list to help you save money! Eating healthier AND saving money! What's not to love?!

5. EatingWell Healthy in a Hurry
I adore Eating Well magazine for their practical health tips and recipes (and their frequent RD special guests!) Their app, EatingWell Healthy in a Hurry, is just as sensational, as you can search through hundreds of tried-and-true recipes filtering by prep time, diet restrictions, and meal time. You can also build a database of your faves for easy reference. Perfect for nutritious meals on the fly!

6. Inspirational Wallpaper
This suggestion may seem a little out in left field, but stick with me here. You know that saying "Mind Over Matter?" It turns out a positive attitude can make ALL the difference (who'da thunk?!) But sometimes we need a little inspiration. We look at our phones an average of 150 times a day! With these inspirations wallpapers, that is 150 times for a little self-inflicted pep talk!

7. Perfect Brew: Tea Timer
Drinking tea has an array of health benefits. But there is an art to brewing the perfect cup of tea. The exact temperature and brew time depends upon the type of tea you wish to sip on. The Perfect Brew: Tea Timer app takes away all the guess work! Simply select the type of tea and begin the timer. It even has tea facts you can read while your cup is brewing.

8. ShopWell
How many times have you been at the grocery store on wondered which is the healthiest pasta? Soup? Ice cream? You can spend hours deciphering those food labels and still be clueless as to which is the best! With ShopWell, you only have to understand the difference between 1 and 100. This app allows you to scan foods while shopping and it gives you a numerical rating based off how healthy the item is. It even searches for over 18 allergy ingredients.

9. Food Tripping
As an ultimate foodie, I don't go on road trips. I go on foodie trips! It's not out of the ordinary for my boyfriend and I to travel 100+ miles just for lunch (or these amazing gluten-free pancakes!) And when I do travel, first order of business is always finding amazing eats. Food Tripping is designed with all us foodies in mind! Their database is full of eateries, microbreweries, juice joints, farmer's markets, organic coffee shops, and natural health markets. It's your own pocket-sized, hippie concierge!

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