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Why You Should Make The Switch to Natural Deodorant + Bella Organics Giveaway

Hello again, friends!

Well, it's been a crazy past few weeks for me! T-minus 3 weeks until I officially start my dietetic internship rotations! Surreal!! It's very exciting, but also a bit nerve-wrecking to think I'm finally going to be out there in the field! I'm sure I'll have some exciting stories and lots of insight to share with you all (HIPAA abiding, of course!), so we all have that to look forward to!

Today, though, I wanted to talk more about natural skincare! I've mentioned in previous posts how I have (mostly) switched to natural, organic skincare and have began tapping into the power of essential oils. During my undergrad, one of my professors was a big promoter of organic and non-gmo, and she would always mention the importance of having these standards for our skin care as well as our diet.

Well, I have been quick to eliminate chemicals and such from my face wash, masks, shampoo, conditioner, ACV toner, and lotions. However, the one thing I neglected to switch has been my deodorant...

I guess since it's not something that goes on my face or that I have the probability of ingesting, it hasn't been on my radar for this revamped skincare routine. And to be honest, most days I forget to put it on at all...

So natural deodorant hasn't been at the top of the list for these skincare switch-a-roo's. Until I found what chemicals ARE lurking in conventional deodorants!

Many deodorants and antiperspirants contain triclosan and triclocarban, two chemicals that are included for their antibacterial properties. However, they can also affect your hormones and can lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria! (I can not tell you how important it is to NOT have those antibacterial soaps and such!! If you want to know why, check out this article by the Smithsonian!)

Another reason, probably the one most people have heard about, is that many antiperspirants are aluminium-based, which help block your pit glands from sweating. However, the Journal of Applied Toxicology, found that this aluminum (that gets adsorbed into your body) may increase your risk of breast cancer!

I guess Secret really does have a secret, huh..

Needless to say, once I found out about this dirty little "secret" of their's, I decided it was long overdue that I ditch the stick!

Then I came across Bella Organics and their organic deodorant creams

Bella Organics' mission is to help us take care of their bodies, so that our bodies can take care of us! (Woot! Hannah-approved!!)

They live by the fact that "our skin is our largest organ, and the one most affected by outside environmental influences and aging, so we should do everything we can to protect it—naturally!"

And they provide everything to help you do exactly that! Founded in 2012, their product line now ranges from face to body, and even baby care. So when I was given the opportunity to try out their deodorant cream, I was uber excited!

Bella Organics has 7 different deodorant cream scents  (including 2 designed for men to smell, well.. "manly.") Each one is made with arrowroot powder to help absorb wetness. They are also made with Shea butter and coconut oil to nourish and moisturize the skin (so YES!! You can use it after shaving without experiencing irritation!) 

Then each cream has its own blend of essential oils to give it a nice scent and add the benefits of essential oils! Every one includes tea tree oil, however, due to its natural antibacterial properties (a HUGE step up from the triclosan and triclocarban in traditional deodorants!)

It is important to note that Bella Organics deodorant creams are not made to be antiperspirants!! In fact, antiperspirants may not the best thing to use, because sweating is your body's natural way of detoxing! So when you use these chemical-laden antiperspirants, you are not only exposing your body to toxins but also preventing it from expelling toxins! Talk about a double whammy!!

I was sent a standard (2oz) container of Bella Organics Vanilla Mint deodorant cream. It smells heavily of peppermint (which is a very potent essential oil!) with a nice hint of vanilla. The cream feels very smooth, and the arrowroot powder help it from feeling oily. It dries fast on your skin. 

The company mentions that when you first switch from a conventional antiperspirant to a natural deodorant, you may still be a bit stinky the first few days. For me, this was definitely the case. But another quick swipe of the cream mid-day would take care of the problem!

This stinky period only lasted a few days though! After that, it has worked amazingly!! It even stood the test of a hot yoga class! Sweat was dripping down me, but stinky I wasn't!

I LOVE the cooling affect the peppermint oil has! After a workout, if feels SO good and really helps me cool down! And while this isn't an antiperspirant, the arrowroot does fairly well at absorbing a bit of sweat.

A little goes a long way with this too! These picture were taken about a month into using this jar, and I have barely scratched the surface! So you may pay a bit more than you would for conventional deodorant, but it will lasts WAY longer!

And if you are still hesitant about making the switch (or want to find the perfect scent), they do offer sample sizes of the cream! A great way to try it out! I would like to buy a sample size to throw in my yoga bag! It would be the perfect size!

I am so glad I have been able to make the switch to organic deodorant and give up the antiperspirants! I have thought about experimenting with making my own deodorant, but with this crazy internship life (that ain't slowing down anytime soon!) Bella Organics has my vote! :)

Want to win your own Bella Organics Vanilla Mint Deodorant Cream?!
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Good luck!!

Have you ever used an organic, natural deodorant? How did it work for you!?

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Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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