Friday, February 20, 2015

Gluten-Free Feature Friday: The Best Salt Bath After Being "Glutened"

It may hit you all at once, or it may slowly creep up on you. Intense stomach pains, headache, complete lack of energy... And you finally realize:


You start to play back the last 24 hours, trying to recall the possible point of attack. But, no matter how gluten found its way in, you body is NOT happy...

Since going gluten-free, this scenario has happened to me quite a few times. And sometimes (hate to admit) it may have been self-inflicted... I know! I know! But trust me, I learned very fast that just because the beer is free, it will NOT make the consequences worth it! And just so we are clear, it's the gluten in the beer that's to blame, not the alcohol (although I'm sure that doesn't help..) 

But regardless if it was intentional or not, the sooner we get that gluten out of our body, the better!

One of my new-found, favorite methods of helping my body detox/ recover is salt baths! (NOTE: Please remember your body is always detoxing! This may just help speed up the process a bit.) Whether I am sore from an intense workout or feel a cold coming on, a good salt bath always gives my body the kick in the toosh it needs!

Same goes for when I get "glutened." In fact, I thought I would share this little secret of mine (OK, probably not that much of a secret, but humor me please! :) ) My lavender salt soak!

This soak packs a double punch with dead sea salt and lavender essential oil! Dead sea salt contains magnesium and potassium, which help detox and restore your body. Lavender oil is great for relaxing and calming the body, which is needed when experiencing inflammation from the gluten exposure if you have a sensitivity or intolerance

The lavender oil can also help if the adverse signs of gluten like to show up on your skin, like outbreaks of eczema or rashes. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the lavender oil can help sooth redness or irritation. It also smells heavenly, so there's that!

Here's what you need:
Dead Sea Salt
Organic Lavender Essential Oil
Seal-able Jar or Container

Fill up jar with dead sea salt
Add 20-40 drops of lavender oil
Mix together until you think lavender oil is evenly distributed

When ready to use:
Begin filling a bath tub with warm water
Once about half full, pour in about 1 cup of Lavender Bath Salt (feel free to eyeball it)
Fill bath the rest of the way
Soak in bath for about 20 minutes
After, be sure to rinse off and drink about 1 cup of water (to prevent dehydration)

Please Use Cation:
If you have open wounds or burns
Have a new tattoo
Are pregnant or nursing

If you are new to the world of bath salts, I would recommend checking out Adovia Pure Dead Sea Salt. It is 100% pure, natural salt straight from the Dead Sea and has no added chemicals, colors, or scents. This makes it a great base for a salt bath mix, or even body scrubs. It absorbs essentials oils really well and is still potent with the scent, even a few weeks after preparing the mix!

Peppermint oil is another great essential oil to use in your bath salt! And you are in luck, because I am currently giving away a bottle of La Lune Naturals Peppermint oil! Don't miss your chance to enter!! (Ends 2/25)

What do you find to be the best way to recover after being "glutened?"

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Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Source: Mihina, A., & Anderson, S. (2010). Natural spa and hydrotherapy: Theory and practice. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson.

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