Saturday, February 28, 2015

15 "Bite-Sized" Tips For Healthier Eating

Happy Saturday Friends!

Can you believe that we are in the last week of February?! (Seriously, where did it go?!) I keep having to do a double-take every time I see next week is March!

Hey! Speaking of March...

March means it's officially National Nutrition Month®!! 


National Nutrition Month® is a campaign sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to bring awareness to the importance of a healthy diet and to promote the profession of dietetics! (Full disclosure: I am a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics :-D )

Throughout National Nutrition Month®, the Academy hosts national events, like Registered Dietitian Day on March 11, and local events, such as 5K runs or health expos! Be sure to check with your local affiliate to see what cool happenings might be coming to your town!

Now, I say next week it will "officially" start because for me it is ALWAYS National Nutrition Month® (you know, the whole RD2Be gig.) But in March, I can toot my nutrition horn a little louder than normal and really put the advocating in full throttle for my future profession! 

Therefore, many of my posts in March will play off the National Nutrition Month® theme, "Bite Into A Healthy Lifestyle!" And boy, do I have some great things planned! You will definitely want to stay tuned.

I decided to kick off the month by sharing "bite-sized" tips (see what I did there!) that may help you eat a bit healthier.  These tips are meant to not only be a quick read, but also to be simple and easy things you can include in everyday life! They don't take much extra time (or money, really!) Just simple tips to add to whatever you're already doing!

Here are 15 "bite-sized" tips for healthier eating! (In no particular order..)

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables.  (It's gotta be #1...)

2. Steam your veggies rather than boil (really does make the best mashed potatoes!)

3. Drink more water. 

4. Make your own almond milk. (Literally takes about 10 minutes!!)

6. Eat the skins of fruits and veggies (they are FULL of nutrition!!)

9. Eat the leaves, don't throw them away (like turnip, cabbage, strawberries, but NOT rubarb! They are poisonous!)

10. Eat more whole foods.

11. Eat more fish and less beef.

12. Blend rather than juice.

13. Buy from local farmer's markets (it's almost that time!! yay!!)

14. Sit while you eat.

15. Eat dark chocolate (saved the best for last!)
Not too bad, right? Whether you decide to use one or all of these tips, any small step can lead to a huge impact in your overall health!

Yes, even if you start with the dark chocolate one!! (Remember, moderation is key :-D )

Don't forget to check out to learn more about National Nutrition Month® (they just swanki-fied their website! Take a look!) Be sure to be on the lookout for next week's post where I will be featuring a few "healthy bites!" 

What "bite-sized" tip will you be trying? Or what tip would you add?!

Be sure to "Pin" your favorite tip and share it with your friends!! :-D

PS: HUGE thanks to everyone who entered my Peppermint Oil Giveaway!!

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Note: I have been given permission by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to use the National Nutrition Month graphics and Registered Trademark material. 

Source: The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics,

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