Monday, December 22, 2014

Simple Steps To Improve Your Emotional Health

On my journey of learning how live a healthy life, I have found there is much more to health than just doing 100 sit-ups or living on kale juice. Being healthy also means taking care of yourself emotionally. I haven't touched much on this topic quite yet. 

However, I am excited to welcome fellow blogger Nicci from Joyful Family Life to shed some light on this topic! Nicci is a wife, a mom, and a counselor. On her blog,, she writes about emotional health, relationship improvement, parenting skills, and general tips for living a joyful life. 

Here is Nicci and her adorable family!! (How cute are those kids!?)

Without further ado, I will turn the post over to her!

Make a list.

Write down your talents, your strengths, and your accomplishments.
Give yourself a pat on the back, celebrate with a cookie, and then prepare to make another list.

Write down areas for improvement, your goals, and some weaknesses.
Eat another cookie for moral support and give yourself another pat on the back for your honesty.

Now compare the two lists. Which list is longer?
Ponder whether or not you celebrated your strengths as fervently as you beat yourself up for your weaknesses. Was it difficult to write down positive qualities about your life? Was it all too easy for you to remember the unhappy imperfections?

This exercise is meant to help you see the benefit in recognizing the good. Recognize the joy! Remember the laughs and the sunrises and the peace and the comfort in your life. Your emotional well-being will be strengthened.

What is emotional well-being?
It's a fancy phrase that answers the question, "How are you doing?"
Emotional well-being describes your feelings, your ability to handle stress, your sleep patterns, and more. It includes the absence or presence of stress, depressive feelings, and anxiety. On the other hand, emotional well-being also accounts for feelings of confidence, self-esteem, and happiness.

Now reflect back on your two lists. How are your lists and your emotional well-being related? 
Make an assessment of your emotional well-being by asking yourself some questions, such as:
Do I handle stress in a positive, healthy way?
Do I allow others to help me reach my goals, or do I withdraw from others?
Am I happy or sad most of the time?
What actions do I do that prove I feel happy or sad? Am I caught in a "funk?"
Am I overly self-critical? Am I able to compliment myself and others?
Do I want to remain the way I am in a few months? in another year? or longer?
How motivated am I to change?

Remember you have strengths and weakness. Humans aren't perfect! Give yourself credit for the good things you do and feel. (Take the time to calmly ponder on these questions; read here for tips on improving mindfulness.) As you ponder on your state of emotional well-being, some areas of improvement may stand out. It is easier to make few changes at a time, so pick one or two areas where you can improve. 

Feel free to discuss these areas with a close friend or family member. When you have narrowed down your goals, write down some ways to achieve that enhanced state of well-being. For example:
Spend an hour "unplugged" from electronic devices twice a week
Hand write a letter to a relative at least once a month
Take a walk outside once a week for at least 30 minutes
Get 8 hours of sleep for a week
Join a gym and workout twice a week for an hour

When you have ideas written down for improving an aspect of your emotional-welling, write down how those goals will help you. Know their purpose and how those goals will enhance your well-being. Then start practicing the goals, once step at a time. Don't feel rushed to try doing all your goals at once. Incorporate each new goal, one step at a time, until new habits are formed and your emotional well-being is improved.

In closing, your emotional well-being is personal. It is unique to you. You need to find out what motivates you, what is helpful to you, and what you want to improve in your life. Talking with a professional counselor can help you in this process of self-discovery. Read more about choosing a counselor here.

Good luck as you carefully and kindly choose goals to enhance your emotional well-being. As you work on those goals, I hope you see an improvement in your ability to handle stress, more satisfying sleep, more calm, and more joy in life. I hope you grow in self-confidence and relaxation.

Huge thank to Nicci for this wonderful post! Be sure to check out more on her blog, Joyful Family Life.

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  1. Interesting post. I will pop over & take a look at Nicci's blog. & you're right that taking care of ourselves emotionally is just as important