Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Goals for My First 15K

The countdown has began and there are officially 7 days left between me and the 9.3 mile race. As I stated in a previous post, I have be training for the Hot Chocolate 15K in St. Louis. To say I am nervous is somewhat of an understatement... For someone who just took up running (semi-seriously) about 6 months ago, a 15K is certainly ambitious. But, I am a go big or go home kinda gal.

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My first day out training for this gig, the latter crossed my mind. I ran just over 3 miles in 55 minutes.. I kid you not.. About halfway through mile 2 my stomach issues starting acting up terribly, which did not help the situation. As I trotted back home (OK, walked..) I thought, "I've certainly have my work cut out for me" and "Dear God, what did I get myself into?"

That was 4 weeks ago, and I can now say I am feeling a bit more confident in my cardiac abilities than I did then. Last week I ran almost 6 miles in an hour, which is a vast improvement!! Those dreaded 9.3 miles seem much less daunting now that I managed to achieve that without keeling over dead after.

But now that I am a week out, I began thinking about what I really want out of this experience. Yes, that wonderful finisher medal is very appealing, but it won't do much except sit on my display wall. So here are my goals for my first 15K.

1. Just Cross the Finish Line
Pretty much a duh!, but one of the first principles of goal setting is, in fact, stating the obvious. You may be asking, "Yes, but with what time?!" Well, that is just it.. I have no set goal time! Why? I have no other numbers to go by except my times for my previous 5K's, which I did with others so I did not go at my own pace. Therefore, to give myself a estimated goal when I do not have any prior personal numbers to go by seems foolish to me. I also deal enough with timelines and deadlines in my day to day activities. So for this event, I just want to enjoy the ride (or run, if you will).

2. Not Come In Last
To off-set my "no-set-time" goal, I also do not want to come in last.. I'm OK be second-to-last, but not last.

3. Not Be Hauled Off By Paramedics
I had this crazy dream the other night where I was running the race, then all of a sudden I started feeling very sick. I ran over to the side of the track, threw up, and then blacked out. I awoke (in my dream) in a ambulance with paramedics standing over me, sticking me with IV fluids, and rushing me to a hospital. Needless to say, this dream need not come a reality...

4. Prove That I Am An Athlete
This is my ultimate goal, and probably the underlying reason for signing up for this 15K (thanks subconscious!) I have never really been seen, by myself or anyone else, as an athlete. Sure, I played some middle school basketball, but the coach was always yelling at me to be aggressive (cue the "Bring It On" chant). I have tried my fair share of athletics, never really excelling in any of them.

Throughout high school, I was a theater geek, and darn proud of it. But "Athlete" has never been a word I truly associated with myself. This is what I hope to gain from crossing that finish line, the opportunity to prove, to myself above all else, that I am an athlete. I can say the words, "Yes, I have completed a 15K."

Yes, I am an athlete.

Any tips for my first 15K? Comment below!

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