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DIY Organic Spa Gift Set for Under $10 + Giveaway {Closed}

This posts features a simple, DIY spa gift set that is the perfect gift for anyone on your Christmas shopping list! ALSO, I am excited to announce The Wholey Trinity's first every giveaway!! Scroll down to the bottom to see what the exciting prize is and how to enter!

I mentioned in a previous post, 'Tis the Season for Secret Santa, that my favorite part of Christmas is finding the perfect gift for those I care about (EVERYONE!) This started when I was a little girl. Although back then, I had did not have a job or money and had to resort to my craft box to assemble that perfect gift. I loved making homemade gifts! In fact, I still do!

Not only are homemade gifts more personal, they are usually a LOT more cost efficient! And who doesn't like a gift that has a little love put in it, right?

Today, I am going to show you how to make a handmade spa gift using only natural and (if you chose) organic ingredients. This is the perfect gift for your mom, girlfriends, or coworkers. Best of all, the whole gift costs less than $10!!

Disclosure: OK, I have to be a bit honest... the initial cost of buying all the ingredients may be a bit more than $10... BUT, once each item is made the cost per item will add up to be less than $10 (as I demonstrate below!) And you can easily make about 4-5 kits with all the ingredients! And some of the supplies you may even already have at home. To save even more money, look for local sales or coupons. Also, hit up dollar stores for the wrapping and gift tags.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's get down to the nitty gritty. 

This spa gift set includes 5 components; 

  • Handmade Lavender Body Scrub
  • Handmade Lavender Body Butter
  • Handmade Vanilla Honey Lip Balm
  • Slipper Socks
  • Assorted Bags of Tea/ Coffee Mix. 

I feel more blissful already! All are made with natural and (if you choose so) organic ingredients! Not only are you treating the recipient with a indulgent, relaxing experience, but it's one without all those harmful toxins and chemicals you get in bath and body gifts from the store! Add in fuzzy socks and soothing teas, their cares will be whisked away! Now THAT is the perfect gift!

Get ready, because I am going to show you how to make your own body scrub, body butter, and lip balm! Each one is 5 ingredients or less and is super easy to make! You do need a heat source for the lip balm and body butter, but you can use a microwave and microwave-safe mixing bowls (so they can be made in a dorm). Now, let's take each recipe one by one, shall we:

Handmade Lavender Body Scrub

This was inspired by a post written by Don't Mess With Mama. I tweaked a few details, as I do with all recipes. Lavender essential oil is used for relaxation and calm, which makes it the perfect essential oil for our spa kit!

You need:
1 cup Organic Lavender Castile Soap
2 cups Epson Salt
20-30 drops of Organic Lavender Oil (more depending on how strong you want the scent)

Mix castile soap and Epson salt in a bowl. Add in 20-30 drops of organic lavender oil and mix again. Divide evenly between your containers.

I was able to divide evenly into five 2 oz clear jars from The Container Store.

Handmade Lavender Body Butter

This was inspired by a post written by Hens and Honey. This lavender body butter is the perfect compliment to our lavender body scrub above.

You need:
1 cup of Organic Coconut Oil
1 cup Organic Shea Butter
20-30 drops of Organic Lavender Oil (more depending on how strong you want the scent)

Melt coconut oil and Shea butter in a sauce pan, stirring continuously.* Once completely melted, pour into mixing bowl and put in the fridge until the mixture is solid (about 2 hours depending). Once solid, add lavender oil and blend until light and fluffy (I would highly recommend using a hand mixer or stand mixer!) Transfer to jars.

*If using a microwave, microwave on high at 30 minute intervals until melted, stirring between.

Using this recipe, I was able to fill about five 2 oz clear jars from The Container Store.

Handmade Vanilla Honey Lip Balm

This was inspired by a post written by Frugally Sustainable and this lip balm is AMAZING!!! I will never buy lip balm ever again!!! The recipe does call for vanilla essential oil, but I chose ylang yland essential oil instead. 1) It was on sale at Whole Foods and 2) It smells very similar to vanilla! PLUS, ylang ylang also promotes relaxations and calm, so it works perfect with our lavender! IF ANYTHING, YOU NEED TO TRY THIS STUFF!!

You need:
2 tbsp Organic Sweet Almond Oil
2 tbsp Organic Shea Butter
1/2 oz Beeswax
1 1/2 tsp of Organic Honey
20-30 drops of Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Melt sweet almond oil, Shea butter, and beeswax in a sauce pan.* Once fully melted, transfer to a mixing bowl with pour spout. Add in ylang ylang and honey. Mix until honey is distributed evenly (will tend to sink to the bottom so do the best you can.) Pour liquid mixture into containers and allow to cool.

*If using a microwave, microwave on high at 30 minute intervals until melted, stirring between.

I was able to fill about 6 of these mini round boxes from The Container Store. They come in packs of 12 for $2.99.

Now for the cost breakdown!
Lavender Body Scrub- $2.31
Lavender Body Butter- $2.33
Vanilla Honey Lip Balm- $1.22
Slipper Socks- $2.00
2 Tea Bags- $0.40
Total Cost = $8.26!!!

That price is including cost of the containers! Hit up the dollar store for cute festive gift bags and tags, and you have yourself the perfect Christmas gift for under $10 each! AND you used all natural ingredients! You'll probably have enough of each recipe left over to pamper yourself! Go ahead, you deserve it after kicking that much holiday gift-giving butt!!

I was able to find all the supplies needed at The Container Store and Whole Foods (luckily they are right next to each other here in St. Louis!) You can probably find even better deals on Amazon. The slipper socks I got at Five Below and the tea bags I threw in I already had on hand (I am a tea hoarder..)

I wanted a way to send you all a huge "thank you" for how successful my blog has been the last few months!! My followers have more than doubled and my monthly page views have more than quadrupled!!! THAT IS INSANE!! I CAN NOT THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH!!!

As a way to say "THANKS A MILLION!" I decided to put together an extra organic spa gift set to send to one of my fabulous readers!! I know it isn't much, like a cool iPad or designer bag, BUT I did put a lot of time and love into these items! I even re-did the lip balm because the first batch did not turn out the best..

Like I said before, I want my gifts to be perfect, INCLUDING THIS ONE! So, if you are in need of just one more gift this holiday season, either for someone else or for yourself ;-), I have you covered! And don't worry! It will arrive already wrapped and ready to go! No work on your part what-so-ever! Here's all the specs!!

What: One (1) Handmade Organic Spa Gift Set 

One (1) 2 oz Lavender Body Scrub
One (1) 2 oz Lavender Body Butter
One (1) .3 oz Vanilla Honey Lip Balm
all made with natural, organic ingredients (listed above)

One (1) Pair of Slipper Socks
Two (2) Assorted Organic Tea Bags

Who Can Enter: EVERYONE!! Thank you all so much for your support!!

When: Tuesday, December 9, 2014 12:00AM CST - Wednesday, December 17, 2014 12:00AM CST

How: Enter using Rafflecopter (below)

Terms & Conditions: Giveaway ends Wednesday December 17, 2014 at 12:00AM CST. Open to anyone 18 and older. Prizes cannot be shipped to PO Boxes. Winner will be selected by Rafflecopter.com and be notified by email. Winner will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is selected. The prizes are not affiliated with any specific companies and there are no sponsors being represented during this giveaway. The products offered for the giveaway are free of charge, no purchase necessary. My opinions are my own and were not influenced by any form of compensation. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are in no way associated with this giveaway. By providing your information in this form, you are providing your information to me and me alone. I do not share or sell information and will use any information only for the purpose of contacting the winner.

Best of luck to everyone who enters!! 

Thanks again everyone & Merry Christmas!! :)

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