Thursday, November 6, 2014

Top 4 LUSH Must-Haves

I mentioned in an earlier post, 3 Natural Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar, that what you put on your skin can be equally as important as what you put in your body. There has been quite a bit of hype about all the chemicals we put IN our body, but what about all the chemicals we are putting ON our bodies?! This includes everything from lotions, shampoo, body wash, shaving cream, make-up, chap stick, you name it, can be laden with harmful chemicals!

Honestly, go read the back of your shampoo bottle and tell me if you know or can pronounce ANY of those words.... So if you are looking to revamp your health, you also have to look beyond your pantry (although that is a great place to start!) It can be overwhelming when trying to totally detoxify your lifestyle, believe me I know!! Baby steps, friends, baby steps! Here is a great article on why natural skin care is the way to go.

I am still on my way to making the switch completely to natural products, but one of the companies I frequent most for their bath and body line is LUSH. I am a fan of this company for a few reasons.

  • All of their products are handmade by real people! Not on an assembly line in some gross factory.
  • They make their products using mostly organic, natural products. (Like real fruits, veggies, and essential oils)
  • None of their products are tested on animals, meaning they are cruelty free (This always reminds me of Legally Blonde!)

Now, we all know that no person or company is perfect, and LUSH is certainly not an exception to that rule. They do use some ingredients in their products which they call "safe synthetics." They also use added color dyes and fragrances in some products as well, which are known to be irritants for those with skin sensitivities. For these reasons, I do not see LUSH as a 100% natural cosmetic company, BUT at least they are not hiding what's in their products.

They do have a handy "LUSHopedia," which is an encyclopedia listing ALL the ingredients in every product. They state why they use that ingredient, where it comes from, and how it is "safe." For these efforts, I sincerely applaud them!! While using synthetics goes against my personal beliefs of being "natural," I love how they are so transparent in their practices and really want to inform their customers!

For these reasons, I simply try to sidestep those products that have the synthetics and added colors, for there are still a plethora of awesome, all-natural products! Here are my top 4 LUSH must-haves!!

1. Fresh Face Masks
These are my most recent discovery at LUSH, and boy I wish I would have tried them sooner!!! I have never been one to incorporate face masks into my skin care routine, but now I will never go back! What is so cool about LUSH's fresh face masks is that they are just that, FRESH!! They are hand-made using ingredients like blueberries, free-range eggs, honey, ect. You can only buy them in-store since they are perishable and have to be kept in the fridge.

One tub cost about $6 and is good for about 4-5 applications. These masks are million times better than ANY facial I have received at a fraction of the price! They have different masks for different skin types and the staff have always been really helpful picking which ones are best for me. My new favorite mask is Brazened Honey, which is great for oily skin like mine! My honorable mentions are Cupcake, Cosmetic Warrior, and Catastrophe Cosmetic. I am actually quite distraught because the LUSH near me has closed for renovations for a few weeks, so I am unable to get a new face mask *sad face!* I would definitely recommend, if nothing else, to try one of these face masks!

2. BIG Shampoo
My hair has always been my arch nemesis... It is flat, thin, and oily by the end of the day (Sexy, I know...) Until BIG shampoo came into my life!! I have tried every darn "volumizing" shampoo under the sun, and nothing did a lick of good until now. This looks more like a body scrub that a shampoo, but with wet hair it lathers up into a soapy, cleansing goddess. It is made with sea salt and lime juice to de-gunk your scalp and add beautiful shine to your locks! With this stuff, my hair feels fuller all day long. Even the wonderful scent it leaves in your hair lingers all day. It is a bit pricey at $27 for a tub, but it usually lasts me about 3 months. I have also tried LUSH's solid shampoos, but none have worked as well as BIG.

3. Dark Angels
This is one of the facial cleansers available at LUSH that is great for oily, dull skin. Dark Angels is made with charcoal, so it is really good at soaking up excess oil and unclogging your pores. It is also a great exfoliator to buff away dead skin. It is definitely more for of an exfoliator than a makeup remover, so make sure you do that before hand to get the best results. This always makes my skin feel soft and smooth. Slap on a nice face mask afterwards and you got quite the dynamic duo! I usually buy the smaller tub of Dark Angels for around $13 and it will last me about 2 months.

4. Honey Trap Lip Balm
Onto my next skincare woe; my dry, bright red lips.... My freshman roommate once stated her envy of my red lips since I "never have to wear lipstick." That is one way to be optimistic about the situation. However, I am just too hung up of the fact that they are always SO dry and chapped! But Honey Trap Lip Balm has brought salvation to my lips. I put this on in the morning or before bed and my lips feel moisturized and luscious all day. I actually just misplaced this little guy and I'm going insane!! So Honey Trap, if you are out there reading this, my lips sincerely miss you and hope you come home soon! (Update: I can no longer use this product because it does contain gluten. :( However, I would still recommend for those of you who aren't gluten sensitive. OR make your own for super cheap (and it's super easy!) Check out the recipe here!)

Here is a sample I asked for next to
one of their lip tints, Latte.
Like most natural products, LUSH products do tend to be a bit more expensive that conventional beauty products. In my experience, they work 10x better and last longer, so in the end it is definitely worth the investment. They never have sales or coupon promotions, but they do have a special offer if you are a frequent customer. If you bring back 5 black pots (what most of the products come in) to be reused and recycled, you get a free face mask! LUSH saves on product costs, the earth saves on plastic waste, and you get a free face mask. So everyone wins!

I have tried other products at LUSH that I am not too crazy about, like some of their hair conditioners, face toners, and moisturizers. However, they get high praise for their bath bombs, so my next venture is to delve into some of those beauties. What also rocks about LUSH is that you can try before you buy! Just simply ask for a sample of one of their products and they will give you a (generous) sample to take home and try! So if you are weary about spending so much on their products, simply take home a sample and see if the investment is worth it.

Are you a fellow LUSH addict? If so, what are your must-haves? If not, what LUSH products would you like to try? Comment below!

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