Saturday, November 29, 2014

'Tis the Season For Secret Santa

Next week marks the first of December!! You know what that means? Time to break into full-fledged Christmas mode!!! Twinkle lights, Michael Buble holiday songs, and mug after mug of hot coco!! Yay!!!!

As you may have guessed by the numerous exclamation points in the above paragraph, this is my favorite time of year! Why you ask? Mainly because I LOVE being able to give to others! I am someone who finds it very hard to buy for myself but I will rack up the credit card debt buying for others. I take great pride in finding the PERFECT gift for those I care about! It is one of my favorite ways to show how much I appreciate those special people I have in my life.

However, I also enjoy giving to those I may have never met before. Most years, I participate in the Secret Angel program through my church, where you give a gift to a little girl or boy a of less fortunate local family. This way, they too have the joyous experience of opening a special gift just for them on Christmas morning.

This year, I am excited to add a fellow blogger to the people on my Holiday shopping List! I am participating in a country-wide blogger Secret Santa gift exchange hosted by Hodge Podge Moments and Dani Dearest. As a requirement for this gift exchange, each of us must post a little blurb for our Secret Santa's to get to know us better! 

To my Secret Santa, first I am so sorry this is being posted a little late! Crazy week of Turkey Day festivities and traveling! So without further ado, here are some facts about me that you may not be able to get from just reading the About Me page! Hope these help! 

  • I love peacocks and have a steadily growing collection of peacock pictures, feathers, and trinkets.
  • As a gal from the Midwest, it is safe to say that country music and pink camo run though my blood.
  • On Sundays, you can find me cheering on my fantasy football players and my beloved Green Bay Packers!
  • I'm an avid coffee and tea drinker.
  • I stay active by running, Pilates, and pole fitness. 
  • My first passion is writing about nutrition, my second passion is music and theater. 
  • My favorite Disney princess is Ariel and I also have a steadily growing collection of mermaid-themed items.
  • I am an ENFJ personality!

Also Secret Santa, feel free to stalk me on any of the social media sites (links at the top right of blog)! Can't wait for the big reveal!! Stay tuned everyone!!

Have you ever done a Secret Santa? I would love to hear about it below!!

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