Monday, November 17, 2014

The Coolest Way To Drink Tea

So, fun fact y'all, IT'S COLD OUT!! (Well not for all you in Florida, but we don't want to hear about your sand and suntans...) I was excited to move south because I thought I wouldn't have to deal with the freezing coldness of Northern IL. Well, I guess St. Louis isn't south enough...

But, that does mean I get to indulge in my two favorite obsessions! SWEATERS AND TEA!! Yes! I may hate cold, but I do love these two things, preferably together! :) And those tea cups in little sweater cozies!! Don't get me started!! (Seriously family, if you are still thinking about potential X-mas presents, you can't go wrong with anything tea or sweater related..)

One aspect of tea drinking I have never really gotten into, however, is loose leaf tea. I have tried those mesh tea infusers, but they are honestly just a pain and not worth the trouble. So I have always used tea bags and gone on my merry way.

Until one night while my boyfriend, Anthony, was visiting, we went to a local sushi bar called Wasabi Sushi in Clayton, MO (Delicious BTW!! HIGHLY recommend! And pretty inexpensive!) It was a crisp October night and I though green tea would go well with my sushi bistro box. So I ordered myself some of their house green tea.

The waitress brings over a clear teapot with loose leaf tea and a clear, glass teacup. I tilt the teapot to pour the tea out. I get tea leaves in my cup and I make a mess all over the table! What a crappy teapot, I thought. The waitress comes back over and laughs saying, "Here, let me show you an easier way to pour this!"

She sets the teapot on top of the cup and out pours green tea FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE POT!! No tea leaves, no mess on the table, just perfectly brewed tea! I was awestruck!

It was like the blindfold had finally been taken off and I saw the incredible wonders that awaited in the world of tea!! I would not stop freaking out about how awesome that teapot was!! (Really, ask Anthony. He wouldn't stop chuckling about how giddy I was over a stinkin' teapot!)

I immediately thought, "I NEED one of these in my life!" So I went scouring the internet in search for this magic, bottom-dispensing tea pot! And alas! I was able to find the Teavana Perfectea and the Adagio Tea IngenuiTEA.

Since I had just received a Starbucks gift card for my birthday, I decided to get the one from Teavana. However, I would recommend all of you get the IngenuiTEA. Not that the Perfectea doesn't work well, because it has worked wonderfully!

I would recommend the IngenuiTEA becuase 1) the name is so much cooler! and 2) I do not support Starbucks due to the companies recent decision to be pro-GMO!! But since I had the gift card, I was stuck between a rock and a hard place...

Regardless, I LOVE this teapot!! The idea is genius and it is so much fun to use! If anything, it encourages me to drink more tea throughout the day. I just simply continue to refill the teapot with hot water and away I go. Not to mention using loose leaf tea is more eco-friendly and cost effective. And the leaves look so pretty swirly in the water while the tea brews!

What I have found, however, is that it is hard to find organic, loose leaf tea. I WILL NOT buy Teavana because 1) it is not organic and 2) I just don't get good vibes from the sales associates. Too salesy and they load up their samples with their beet sugar rock. Seeing as how beets are one of most GMO-produced crop in the US, they are laden with GMOs!! And their tea is way too expensive and not that good (in my humble opinion).

I did find a good selection of organic, loose leaf tea at World Market, which is where I bought the Zhena's Passion Peach. It was an awesome choice because it tastes divine! It also comes with its own wooden scoop that attaches to the container (super cute bonus!) It was $10, which is a steal seeing how I have used about 20 scoops (5 pots) and hardly made a dent!

By far, one of the best birthday presents I have ever gotten! Love, love, love this teapot! I have been drinking tea like a mad women! And there is nothing like curling up with a hot cup of tea at the end of a long, stressful day! Now, I just need a clear teacup so I can watch that dispensing in action! It is just so cool!

If you have any recommendations for stores that sell organic, loose leaf tea, I would love to hear! Or anything else tea related, your favorite tea brand or flavor, feel free to share!! Tea lovers unite!! :-D

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