Friday, February 21, 2014

No Guts, No Glory: 4 Ways to Combat Tummy Troubles

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It seems like more and more people are suffering from minor GI issues; ie bloating, constipation, diarrhea, stomach discomfort. Even I, myself, seem to be experiencing more tummy troubles now-a-days than I recall I did during my younger, teenage years. However, we must not brush these off as minute nuances.

Your gastrointestinal tract (AKA GI track) is one the most important organs in the human body. Not only is it responsible for the digestion and absorption of nutrients (thus the basis of living), it is also home to 75% of body's immunity. Translation = unhealthy gut, unhealthy you.

This means that what may seem like an occasionally upset tummy could result in a weakened immune system and illness down the road! Especially during this time of the year as we transition from winter to spring (at least here in the good ol' Midwest), it is important to keep your body's first line of defense primed and ready for battle!

Here are some great ways to keep your GI tract, well, on track!

Not all bacteria is harmful to your body. In fact, there are more than 100 trillion live microorganisms in your GI system that keep it functioning properly. However, things such as stress, antibiotic use, and poor diet can cause an imbalance in the healthy vs unhealthy bacteria in your gut. Taking a daily probiotic can assure that your gut is always in good company!

Not to be confused with probiotics, prebiotics are what fuel that little army inside your GI track and keep 'um fighting strong. Examples of prebiotics are bananas, onions, leeks, and chicory root.

With our busy lifestyles, its no wonder our adrenal glands are constantly running on "E". This constant stress can wreck havoc on your gut. Put your body and tummy at ease by practicing healthy ways to manage stress, such as exercising, meditation, reading, or even laughing are great ways to manage stress!

Healthy Gut Diet
Things such as complex carbs, fruits, and veggies are great for gut health. They also help you maintain a healthy weight and have glowing skin!

Today's Dietitian has a great article about proper gut health if you care to learn more!!

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