Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Think Quality, Not Quantity When It Comes To Calories

I touched on this idea a bit in my "Why you shouldn't just be concerned about calories" post. Now, I would like to dig a bit deeper into this topic.

A little concept called "nutrient density." This refers to the number of nutrients per calorie in a food item. Example: the nutrient density in 50 calories of strawberries is much higher than in 50 calories of Doritos. The strawberries give your vitamins, minerals, fiber, ect, which Doritos do not.

This is also where the term "empty calories" comes from. In the Doritos for instance, you are not getting any vitamins and minerals while still getting the calories from carbs and fats.

So, as you continue your journey of a healthier lifestyle, ask yourself how nutrient dense your food choices may be. Here is a little helpful tip: whole foods have the most nutrient density.

Examples of whole foods are raw fruit, vegetables, oats, and meats. An apple is considered a whole food, while apple juice is not.

Not to say non-whole foods are off limits, just try to make the majority of what you are eating whole foods. That way you can be sure it is minimally processed and you are reaping the most nutrient bang for your buck!

It is all about the quality of the calories, not just the quantity!

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