Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fact of Fiction?

Many times when people start the journey toward a healthier lifestyle, they take on habits that may be hurting them more then helping them. It is hard to debunk a misconception from the truth. As a health enthusiastic, when I hear people saying things like "I want the fat-free kind because it's healthier," or "I'm going vegan to be healthier," I begin to pull my hair out!

Fat-free options may have lower calories and lower fat, but manufacturers replace the fat content with chemicals and more processed ingredients. And a person should not go vegan just for the sake of going vegan. Animal products have a place and a purpose in a healthy diet. If it is because of personal beliefs, by all means, but changing your diet just because of the assumption that it will make you healthier is not the way to go.

There are numerous other myths about what it means to have a healthy diet, and posted a great article about 10 common nutrition misconceptions. See which ones you may be guilty of. :)

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