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Book Review: The Flexitarian Diet

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Whenever I venture to Barnes and Noble, I always browse the nutrition and health section to see what "Bestsellers" are telling hopeful costumers who are trying to obtain a healthier lifestyle.  Many times what I find are authors who "think" they are an experts on nutrition just because they got a doctorate in medicine. Very few seem to have any substance worth reading.

However, I came across a book that stood out from the crowd. It is titled "The Flexitarian Diet" written by Registered Dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner, who is also a spokesperson for the Academy on Nutrition & Dietetics and has a pretty impressive resume of professional experience (safe to say one of my RD crushes!!)

As the title suggests, this book is about how to be healthy by being a "flexible vegetarian" so to speak (those who would like the benefits of a vegetarian diet but simply can't give up the beef!) So if you have ever though about going vegetarian but just can't resist that juicy meat, this read is for you!

Dawn explains everything in a Five-by-Five Fex Plan, including Five Flex food groups, five main ingredient recipes, ect. No worries though! There are no rules or restrictions! You can eat what you'd like at your whimsy (within reason...) The main idea is to just include more vegetables at every meal. I'd say that's do-able. :-)

What's great about Dawn's book is that she backs it up with cold hard, science-proven facts, not something "assumed" to be true or based on a marketing ploy. This book also addresses the great issue of consuming more hearty veggies, which most people simply do not do. I am one of those people, which is why I created the 5-Day Veggie Challenge!

This book is also focused on a "lifestyle change" rather than a "diet," which suggest a short term, quick fix solution (which is why detox diets and anything suggested by our dear friend Dr. Oz simply does not work... At least long term.) Dawn also includes recipes so you can put these Flexitarian principles into practice (and practice makes perfect!!)

This book will change your outlook on what it means to live a healthy life. Check it out on or on Dawn's website!

What is your go-to health and nutrition book?

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